Periodontitis, Why Should You Always Be Aware Of It?


Periodontitis is a problem caused by bacterial infection that does the same thing. Your gums swell, become tender and lose the grip on the teeth.

If there are the slightest of the symptoms, you should rush to the Best Dental Hospitals In Kalyan. With every passing day, you are increasing the risk. Even if the Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan is treating you, it is impossible to save the teeth in the severe case. Hence, prevention is always better than the cure. You must get a periodic dental checkup at an advanced Dental Specialist Clinic In Kalyan to nip the problem in the bud. Why is periodontitis so dangerous? The consequences of periodontitis are much severe than people think. It is not just bad breath or loss of teeth. It could be linked to cardiovascular problems, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease as well. Inflammation is the fundamental cause of it. Hence, don’t delay further, and fix your appointment in one of the Best Dental Hospitals In Kalyan to get a thorough dental checkup. When the checkup is done, experts check the overall health of gums, tooth sensitivity, gum recession, and bad breath. In the extreme case, you will be advised to undergo surgical treatment. The Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan will finish the baseline investigations before operating. It is important to note than the ‘long teeth’ remain as it is even after the treatment. The gums do not grow back. However, they become healthy and hold the teeth strongly. It is mandatory to follow proper dental hygiene to maintain the status-quo. Brush your teeth twice a day, use dental floss and mouthwash to reduce the infestation of bacteria. Go to a Dental Specialist Clinic In Kalyan and check the health of gums at every six months. Modern techniques are superior and painless Yes, don’t scare out of your wits with the thought of going to a Dental Specialist Clinic In Kalyan. Nowadays, the dental treatment is less invasive and almost painless. The tools have become more sophisticated and precise. An advanced method such that Pinhole Surgical Technique is furthermore easy and painless. It involves no incisions. Instead, the receded gums are treated using an ultra-thin instrument that glides the gum through a pinhole. It is quite an old procedure, but it has significantlyevolved in the recent years. There is verifiable and reliable data available to check the effectiveness and success rate of this procedure.

When the Best Dental Surgeon In Kalyan treats periodontitis, he follows an individualistic approach. Since every patient is different, the treatment is also different. Other reasons of ‘long teeth’ Periodontitis is undobtedly the most common cause of gum recession, but there can be other reasons also. Aging, for example, is a reason. Gum recession can be caused by improper brushing as well.