Your Guide to Understanding Your Child’s Phobia!

Your Guide to Understanding Your Child's Phobia!

Almost all children face phobias and fears at a timid age. However, it’s not necessary that those are on a serious level and need to be treated by a specialist. Children phobias and fears tend to develop and grow at specific ages. A common example would be, numerous children all over the world being afraid of the dark. Therefore, that does not mean that your child is suffering from a phobia/fear. In fact, a recorded reality is that in most cases the fear grows out of the child, as he/she gets older. Nevertheless, if your child is facing a phobia and is exuding phobia symptoms,you need to take the required phobias and fears remedies for childrenas it may be hindering his/ her daily life. If your child is not suggested some remedy, the fear will begin to interfere with his/ her social activities, school performance and sleeping patterns.

Let’s take a look at the common phobias and fears: Animal phobias: Fear of snakes, spiders, rodents, etc. Natural environment phobias: Fear of heights, storms, thundering, water, dark, etc. Situational phobias: Some of which include fear of spaces, fear of tunnels, fear of bridges, etc. Injury/Blood phobia: These phobias include fear of getting injured, getting an injection or getting scared by the sight of blood. Physical signs of phobias include: Heavy breathing Pounding heart Chest pain Trembling Dizziness Cramping stomach Sweating profusely, etc. Emotional signs and symptoms of phobias: Feeling panicky and uncomfortable Emotionally unstable Detached from self Going crazy and losing control Internal sensation of passing out Feeling powerlessness to control your fear and emotions. The negative symptoms to look out for and get treatment: If your child’s fears are hindering his/ her daily life and causing undue panic and anxiety. You realize that your child’s fear is more exaggerated than normal and unreasonable. Your child refuses from going to certain places due to his/ her fears. Your child sits lifelessly due to the phobia eating his/ her energy from the inside. The phobia/ fear has existed over a period of six months or more. As a parent, besides the medical help, you can help your child overcome his/ her fears too. Children fear remedy could have you involved in the process as well. The most effective way to help your child get rid of this undesired state of mind is by slowly exposing him/ her to the fear. However, make sure it’s all done in a controlled manner. This exposure technique will have your child understand the fact that running from his/ her fears is not the solution. Instead, conquering over and facing the fear is the key. Keeping the child away from the phobia will strengthen the fear in him/ her; make sure that you as a parent work towards eliminating it rather than growing the phobia further.